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The Frankfort Youth Bengals are a volunteer run, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates year-round to help kids play sports at a low out-of-pocket cost.

Our vision is to teach young people valuable, Christ-centered life lessons through sports that will help them grow up to be honest, respectful, hardworking, compassionate role models in their communities. We work hard to attract kids from diverse racial, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds to play on this team. No child who wants to play on this team is turned away because his or her family can’t afford the registration fee. 

Continued support from our community is critical to help our organization continue to operate. Sponsorships and donations help us budget for many expenses throughout the year, including:
•    Purchasing & refurbishing helmets and shoulder pads
•    Helping to keep sports affordable for families and providing opportunities to low-income families
•    Paying our local referees and officials
•    Tournament entry fees 
•    Insurance to cover our teams in case of injury, etc. 

Your support of our team would be a great way to help our athletes and our mission!

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